DUNS: 079418918 - CAGE:079418918/78QA4 - NAICS Codes: 561720 and 561730

A Cleaning Company You Can Bet On


Jackpot Janitorial

Jackpot commercial cleaning service has been proudly servicing the needs of businesses and government agencies throughout Washington, DC since 2015. The cleaning company have a skilled staff that brings over 30 years of professional experience and knowledge to each client that we serve. Our team of professionals provide housekeeping service, grounds keeping services and a list of maintenance and weather related services. 



"The cleaning service is simply excellent! In fact, it is unmatched; I've used the commercial cleaning services of Jackpot Janitorial cleaning company for several years, and I'm certainly satisfied. The owner, Jamol, is an outstanding individual who obviously cares about quality, and the reputation of his business. I strongly recommend their services."

Dr. Nesly Clerge


The People that We Serve

Have you been the person that know your facility needs professional commercial cleaning service, but do not know where to start? No need to worry any longer. We staff professionals that will walk you through the entire process. We provide free janitorial consulting to assist our clients with developing and maintaining efficient facility cleaning schedules and contingency plans.

If you have complaints about your current cleaning professionals becoming complacent, or you are stuck in a contract with a cleaning company that you feel unwillingly forced to manage, and its distracting you from your primary task; you don't have to settle for it. Our philosophy is simple; communication builds lasting relationships. We take innovative approaches with using up-to-date technology to effectively communicate with our clients and technicians simultaneously. With the technology that we use our managers are able to monitor each janitorial service task assignment as it is completed, communicate reminders to our custodians and inspect the quality of work performed before any employee is released from his or her shift. 

Our number one priority is to build trust with all of our clients by always being dependable, consistent and responsive. We combine up-front preparation and training with strong management and direction to ensure the best quality in our services.