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Commercial Cleaning services

"Jackpot Janitorial" is exactly what you get when you entrust in our commercial cleaning services. Our cleaning company is based in Washington, DC and proudly service our home state and its surrounding cities. We offer apartment building cleaning, retail space cleaning, office cleaning, flooring services, window cleaning, building cleaning and a list of additional maintenance services to those in need. Our janitorial services assist construction firms, commercial real estate companies, residential property managers and ground service. 

We focus 100% of our brand on customer service and developing unique building service strategies to clean and maintaining the beautiful facilities and landmarks around the DC area. We provide skillfully, trained professionals to serve the needs of our clients. All of our professionals are accompanied with the necessary knowledge and management to consistently deliver the highest level of service in the commercial industry. 

Almost all of today's facility cleaning needs in Washington exist because of the high demand and attention required to accomplish  the technical needs of the area's workforce. The dedicated employees and residents occupying DC's residential buildings and offices typically do not have the time to focus on their work responsibilities, families and ensure that the daily facility cleaning service are performed correctly. Jackpot, is here to relieve our clients from attempting to juggle work, home and environment safety. We believe that all three matters are equally important, and our only objective is to keep working environment and residential environments safe while our clients are able to focus on their primary objectives. 

We take preventive measures to eliminate many of the facility health hazards that we find in buildings today. Our cleaning service professionals are thoroughly trained on housekeeping, Federal OSHA regulations and DC's building codes and safety laws. Once we partner with clients we assess the facility, speak with the internal maintenance team, and learn the necessary details that will allow us to develop daily sanitation schedules.  Call today for more information.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning