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Green Cleaning Company

Environmental Safety

 Green cleaning from a professional office cleaning company is highly recommended in all of today's facilities. Our janitorial service team is constantly trained on the importance of preventing environmental safety hazards. We have set a standard for our commercial services by offering  "natural" green cleaning building solutions. Our professionals extend our green cleaning option to all of our clients. 

Our commercial cleaning service strategy, or facility cleaning strategy (FCS) is designed to clean how the customers want, with products that we professionally recommend. We first assign an Environmental Specialist to our client to evaluate the facility's condition, the cleaning services goals, and the health of the average patrons of that facility (A Office building may have different requirements from a Nursing Home etc.). We document the information gathered, and within one week we develop a customized facility cleaning strategy (FCS). Once the strategy is developed we present it to our clients along with the products Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all of the products that we have recommended. We provide this information in an attempt to educate our clients on the chemicals that will be used to clean their facilities. The MSDS is a form that educates the client with the following:

  •  chemical product and company identification, 
  • composition/information on ingredients,
  •  hazards identification and 
  • first aid measures.

Effective FCSs are always preferred by our professionals, but we specifically recommend Green Cleaning FCSs in medical facilities, shared living areas (apartment buildings, dormitories and etc.), office buildings and early learning institutions. These four type of buildings tend to have a higher foot traffic , and typically have the most frequently unconsciously touched materials. When items and some materials are constantly touched by unsanitized hands, bacteria and germs can be easily transmitted from hand to surface back to hand (or in any other order). We recommend green product as a resolution in these environments oppose to other harsh chemicals because not only are a lot of these product chemically able to disinfect surfaces, they also rarely irritate human and pet allergies that some harsh chemicals  harm. Green cleaning is better for the environment in most cases, and some of the components in these products have been glorified for preserving the coloring and appearance on numerous flooring and surface material. Please, contact us if you are interested in learning more about our Green Facility Cleaning Strategies.

Green Cleaning in DC

Green Cleaning in DC